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NZ120 is the name given to the modelling of New Zealand's narrow-gauge railways in a scale of 1:120, also known as TT scale.  The combination of modelling a prototype track gauge of 3.5 feet (1067mm) in TT scale is also referred to as TTn3.5, or TT9 for the 9mm gauge of the track - the same as standard gauge N scale. 

The intention of this website is to develop and foster the NZ120 community by providing a spot where you can find relevant information and help, and you can contribute to discussions.

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Website offline this week

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Hello all,

NZ120.org will be offline at some stage this week when we transfer from the current hosting provider to a new provider. We should be back online shortly - please keep checking back.

Under new management

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Hi all,

After discussions with Wes and the other moderators of NZ120.org, I will be taking over the running of the website. There will be some changes, especially with the platform, but overall my goal is to preserve the content and the forum in particular. Everyone should be able to keep their login details, I'm working on a way to transfer all of this across to the new platform.

I want to make sure NZ120.org remains a forum for modellers of NZ railways in 1:120 scale, and also promote the scale. I would like to promote the website and scale more amongst NZ Model Railway Guild circles, especially for first-time modellers of NZ railways.

If you have any questions please drop me a line or make a comment below.


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