Chch show

At the recent Chch show Fred had his Springfield layout on display. Victor had brought along his Tollrail locos as well.

NZR colours

Is it possible to get the attachments off the old website? Interested in opening Andrew Wells attachment re NZR colours. Have tried opening it via the old site but it says it’s unavailable.

Trackgang Layout progress

Another weekend meeting and some more progress on the layout. Smeared on another layer of coloured plaster on the new road crossing. Later in the day I realised that I hadn’t grooved the flangeways in the soft plaster, so now I’ll have to carve them after smoothing off the road surface. Brushed some PVA down around the module track joins to help complete the scenic look along the track side. Then onto some more fence ‘planting’. This one module is the rural look so looks to do with a selection of farm related structures and details to be done before the Hamilton show.

Trackgang nz120 layout

Used the last 2 days to do some work on the nz120 scale layout. Decided to relocated the road crossing away from the end of the module as it had created derailments with rolling stock. Firstly cut out the old crossing and remove some of the track. Trimmed away the old road surface ready for scenic work. Pieces of cork strip were glued either side of the track road bed yesterday. Second photo shows first rough plaster fill done today for the new road bed. Plaster has been pre-coloured. After rough shaping I’ll do a top plaster road surface. Next job was to glue the side railing to the road overpass bridge featured on another corner module. Then the continuing saga of farm fencing on the rural corner module. 2 afternoons of planting posts and battens. Not going to string wires, just paint and bury in long grass.

BOP Modellers Day 06 August 2017

No photos this time around at venue as I forgot and Russell had flat battery on his camera. I made some more progress on Stu’s 3D print of our own home. Photo taken today. The roofing iron is not flash , but will look okay once I have finished and weathered it. Dave was working on a Pewter/white metal H0 truck kit. Len was adding hand grabs to a 30ft guardsvan as well as bringing along his latest homemade trees for the Trackgang modular layout. Russell was eventually able to start on planting fence posts to farm track on layout as well as ripping up road crossing area on layout for rebuild( issues with derailments, stalling, etc. Kevin started painting S scale plastic building.


ZH1 ZG3 VRB1 USL2 UK2 UCA2 UCA1 TT ruler_1_120 Tsm1 scalecard120 revised final GA Dsc_2 Propsed routes PK2 NZR Colours N LAYOUT LXM3 LXM2 LXM1 JP1 J5 Instructions PDF IC1 IA2 HLC5 HGX1 GT3 GSY1 GSX1 Golden Downs prelim sketch GBD4 GBD3 GBD2 GBD1 end-board DX Don Clement Toetoe Method_0 Dft DD1 DC DA bogie CW1 climax 120 Class_B_60x30_ft_Round_Roof_Goods_Shed Christchurch show mid 90s CF2 CET1 CC3 CB2 C1 Bells and Whistles Dual Gauge Loco Tester_0 15024421a_DX_DXB_Painting_and_Lettering_Diagram[4]_0