+NZ120 vehicles

A trip to the field days today in Hamilton looking for NZ120 scale models. Seems to be less key ring style models around this year at the various tractor and machinery areas. Cable price had plenty of the Hitachi front end loaders ($8) which are around 1/110 scale , but come out well as log loaders with Stu’s 3d attachment. I had 4 already from last year at $7. Then I found Kubota tent with the 2 key ring models shown. surprisingly they both scale out to almost perfect 1/120 scale and also $8 ea. wish I had brought more!

Front page images

Hi all, I’m keen to update the front page images regularly with NZ120 models etc – flick me a large picture file to info@nz120.org

Picton Loco fleet 2

New addition to  Picton layout. A very nice running Bachmann Light mountain with decoder for $70. In case I get  excited about steam locos! Lol! It will be Shapeways rather than scratch ways!

Boptrackgang modellers day

My effort for the day was to get the underframes onto the 8 wagons I had recently assembled.

 John had started servicing his SD chassis, then made a start on construction of 2 Trackgang Uc-13 tank kits.

Len also made a start on a Trackgang kit. This one was an LPA highsider.

A great day had discussing all manner of things. What might we get up  to next month?


Log in issues

Hi all,

Looks like we’ve had a lot of problems with log in details now working – it seems a defective Captcha plugin I installed is at fault. I’ve tweaked the settings now, so this should work now – if not drop me a line at info@nz120.org



Picton Loco fleet

Dsc almost finished. Russ from Trackgang supplied a set of decals with black  stripes to lay over the yellow shunter steps. A bit short, so will have to finish the stripes by hand. Heavy weathering and fading to come as well as horn and front  grab rail.

A few changes

Hi all,

Welcome to the new home of NZ120.org. As you can see things are still a work in progress, I hope to be able to get all the forums copied over from the old site by the end of this weekend.



Official Results of the Inaugural NZ120.org Box File Layout Competition

After consultation with the TMO, and careful scrutiny of the video replays of the voting, the sponsors of this, the first such annual events on this site, are delighted to proclaim the winning design, by a clear majority in the popular on-line vote of 9 votes to 4, as “Endearing Creek Timber & Mining Co.”

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