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    Lewis Holden

    3D printing updates


    Lewis Holden

    Shapeways have announced changes to their FUD (Frosted Ultra-Detail) product:


    Looks pretty good to me, prices coming down apparently and the material will be paintable. Will be interesting to see how that works.



    I think the option of Print Orientation is also available now.
    There are a few that are sceptical about the new pricing. A modeller on another forum wrote ” I am very sceptical about this. It is phrased in a similar way to the WSF price change a few years ago, which despite claiming most prices would decrease, it resulted in an increase for many models.
    I worry the new charge for support material will result in a price increase for items like locomotive boilers.

    I’m just waiting for a free postage offer.

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    Lewis Holden

    Yeah, I only ever order from them now if there’s free postage. Their postage fees are unjustified, especially given they’re on the slowest service it seems…

    Luckily a mate of mine now has a 3D Printer, and a know a number of others are offering commercial services in NZ (e.g. Neil Ward’s brilliant 9mm stuff) so in the long run we won’t have to depend on Shapeways.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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