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    Not necessarily the workbench as such but moreso my japanese themed layout. Been a bit quiet of late, life has been particularly busy, one aspect being a house move at reasonably short notice, so after the furniture was out of the lounge I had to pull the modules apart from the spare room and it gave me a chance to lay them all together. It struck me how big this has become! What I’m thinking is make the front modules temporary track so they can be dismantled as it’s been a mission to move it I must say! The front modules currently have the track removed but are not yet stripped down.
    Another option I thought was to make it 8 modules by using the straights from the edges (the river and engine shed modules) as the back straights… They’d need modifying to connect them realistically but it would mean a smaller and perhaps more manageable layout although at the expense of some running miles.
    The AO cars and TranzAlpine consist are still at Hutt shops at the moment… Awaiting windows and roofs to be fitted however the sign writers have been busy with decals.


    Lewis Holden




    cool stuff



    Pretty happy with the finish, just window glazing to go on the DC

    Edit: photos haven’t uploaded
    Anyone else have issues uploading from an iPad? The pictures are selected then disappear from the screen with no evidence to show if they’ve been uploaded or not

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    Finished the DX today, overall relatively happy with it, its paint and cab could’ve been assembled a bit better but from 3ft away its good enough. Now teamed up with the DC its almost ready to haul its Tranzalpine set. The DX is sitting on a Kato SD40-2 which runs very well.
    Had to have a go at a storage system for my modules too, went with Sistema containers cut apart and then held together with wooden stringers (unseen in the photo). Will have to move house soon so needed some means of transporting the 8 modules. The corner ones don’t quite fit any container, so still thinking how I’ll get around that puzzle.



    Nice work.



    Recent works have been fitting the 3D printed roofs to the AO cars, making up some Cb kits and painting the EOs



    My 90’s/00’s collection coming along in various states of completion, in fact the only thing completed is the DX and the mainline steam tank wagon

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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