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    For the past few years I have been working on my “Kaikoura Coast” NZ120 modular layout and finally showed it in the recent Nelson Model Train Show. Included are photos of each module, with one still under construction. Three other photos show some of the rail and road tunnels included in the layout. The layout is still a work in progress with lots of scenic detail needed to bring it to life

    An outer and inner elevated track allow trains to run in both directions and those tracks can also form link into one continuous track.The road which circumnavigates the layout is embedded with magnetic wire so that Faller vehicles, as seen in the photos, can be running on the road at the same time trains are running. This was a big hit especially for the kids and also for the adults at the show.

    Photos of the construction system are included in case it is of interest. In an effort to keep the modules as light as possible, I made the rock faces by chipping away at high density extruded polystyrene and the results were quite satisfactory.

    A Utube video was made of the train show. Look up Nelson Model Train Show 2018 and mine is Exhibit No 6. Unfortunately the cameraman didn’t include the Faller vehicles.

    Ian P



    Looking good Ian ! I love that Nins Bin scene.



    Absolutely amazing!



    lovely job with the way the modules fit together and the scenery looks great!



    Fantastic layout, very clever design for the double track but capturing the Kaikoura scene to a tee. Is there an Iron gate bridge scene on one of the remaining sides?
    Nin’s bins looks great!



    Thanks all for the positive replies. Eurostar, re Irongate, that is classic stretch of railway I had hoped to fit on the layout, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it happen. The last module will mainly be of Oaro village which is nestled south of Oaro station and overbridge.


    Lewis Holden

    Looks great, keen to see more pics. I think I’ve found the video:


    Grahame Collecutt

    Great looking layout. Looks like the Nelson show was well worth visiting.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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